Unibiker radiator guards

Well I don't know what you all think about Unibiker radiator guards and to be honest I can't really attest to their ability to save my rads in the event of the inevitable get off. I did buy some guards from Unibiker last spring for my WR426 planning on putting them on but I never got that far seeing as how I already had Devol's on. Then last week I traded my WR426 for an 06 YZ450f and while cleaning the garage I found my Unibiker guards still in the box and not even opened. I didn't have a reciept but I wondered if I could return them for a set of guards for the 06 and just pay the difference. I called up Unibiker and there was not even a question just a "YEP we can do that". I like good customer service and I also like to pass it on. Heres to Unibiker! :thumbsup::lame:

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