Is it time for a 4-stroker?

I'm mostly a dune rider. I've been riding CR500s for 10 years. Question is: is it time to sell the 500 and go to the new CRF450 or WR426?

With all the green sticker/red sticker and dune closures I'm thinking I could street legalize a 4-stroke, legally ride in many parts of the desert, yet still slap the paddle on when heading to the dunes. I'm not sure they make a better dune bike than a CR500, but I'm feeling limited on riding opportunities. I think a street-legalized CRF450 or WR/YZ426 would be far more versatile.

Do these bikes have enough wallop and are they light enough to maintain the 500's fun factor in the dunes?

From everything I have read on this site - you will not have an easy time getting a green sticker for either bike nor be able to make them street legal. The California model KTM 520 sounds like a better choice for your situation as it is green stickered to start with.

I've taken my plated WR to Glamis and had no problems with power. You are very right about the plated 4-stroke and riding areas, endless. I know the CRF450 is a sweet bike but it would cost a fortune to dualsport because it has no lighting provisions, like the YZ. So get the WR or better yet buy a KTM 520EXC. My brother just got his last Friday and it makes my 400 seem weak and all it needs is a skidplate and a steering dampner to be race ready. Goodluck, Eric

If you were used to a 250 MX bike, you would most likely be happy with a lightly modified WR 400/426, but I'm afraid that pretty well anything pales in comparison to an open-class two-stroke. Maybe the big Katoom is your best bet, if the budget allows, but it'll still probably seem mild compared to your CR.

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