Motor swap?

What year XR motors will fit in my 84 XL600R frame? Just curious in case I run across a good deal on used motor!Plus I like the idea of having single carb setup.

Thanx in advance,

I'm new to the BRP "cult" but I think if your looking for a single carb setup on a replacement engine your safe with any XR/XL engine from '87 to 2000.

But I've been wrong before....

I heard that my rear shock Pro-Link will get in the way of the single carb.


I thought the frames were basically the same. I know theres guys that take swingarms from newer models and use them on older bikes. So I'm sure the shock is mounted in the same place on the dual and single carb models.

But like I said before....I've been wrong in the past..........

One way I've been checking to see if parts from other models will work on my bike is by looking at the parts diagrams on and comparing part numbers.

I tried that web site but 84 XL600R is not listed.

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