Show me your XR650R dualsports

Getting ready to set one up i would like to see others

here are a couple of pics



About as minimal as it gets...brake light is LED under stock rear lense. This is while it was still clean..LOL


couple shots




ok guys I just pick the bike up today

school me on starting it

room temp 72 degrees

do what ?

Is it a new bike? Uncork the poor thing!

give the idle srew a turn in, half choke it, and bring it to the comp. stroke and kick it...fires... kill the choke, let her warm up and adjust idle....Ride it! :thumbsup:

For some pics of my R, take a look at "My Garage".

My supermoto setup will be moth-balled in the next month or so. I will be shoeing on a set of DS tires onto the R's factory rims and storing the pricey Excell/Z-Billet rims for the winter.

Ride safe.




Giddy up....



Where did you get that mirror, and who made it? I have an acerbis, and it moves around so much and the stalk is so small it is worthless.

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