Need new foot pegs

a recent oops has left me needing to replace my foot pegs, or at least one of them. What are you guys using? I was thinking of getting larger ones before this, just now I kinda need them.

I use White Bros. TriPro pegs - center is raised and it lets your rock back and forth which makes for easier up shifting. Peg is pretty wide.

The widest I have found is the Fastway pegs. My son has those on his bike. They are like 2 X 4's wide. Good pegs. With wider pegs you have to be a little more careful when trail riding because you can smack rocks and tree stumps but its a good trade off because my feet are better support and tire less at the end of the day.

I love my Fastways...SC

Hi, I bought Powerpegz which pivot back & forward off centre 20 degree's. I reckon they're great & my feet seem to be a lot firmer on the pegs since I put them on.

Cheers from OZ.

The powerpegz say they have a lifetime warranty on the body, I wonder if they cover them if they get mashed like the stock onesdid. If they do, they might be the ones to go with.

the rotating ones sound good, I may try them out next season, it's snowing here now :p:thumbsup::lame:

I have the powerpegs. they are significantly more solid than the stock pegs.

All pegs should rotate. I now feel as though my fee are in the right position at all times.

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