Powder Coat Question

Couldn't search tonight. Anyone ever powder coat a steel YZ frame? Anyone ever have any issues with prep work and the oil tank? I was quoted about $250 from a local hot rod shop.

a buddy got his honda 400ex quad lime green for 150 at a local shop in chicago, which doesn't do u much good. but 250 sounds kinda steep

Lots of guys have done this, and lots of them have had trouble with the oil tank being contaminated with sand or glass beads from the blasting prep. Be sure the service provider understands the absolute importance of keeping the tank sealed duringh the entire process.

I had mine done a few years back. Does that $250 include all the prep work? If so that's not too bad a price! Like any paint/coating, it's all in the prep. I ended up sandblasting mine myself. I got some special plugs made for powder coating to plug all the holes for the oil tank before I sandblasted it. Then I washed it all down with brake cleaner and sent it out all sealed up.

You won't be disappointed with the results. 5 years later it still looks great!!


Who did the powder coat for you? I was going to take it to a shop in Palmyra. The price was approx. but did include all the prep work. We had a discussion about the oil tank situation. When I put it back together it will be with a brand new (not rebuilt) motor so I am kind of paranoid about this aspect.


Hey Chrome,

The price for your powder coating will vary from coater to coater and the different areas. $250 is a little high, but not surprising. I own a powder coating shop in NH and charge around $200 for a single stage color with all the prep work included on a motorcycle frame. Shop around and ask questions to the powder coaters. Sometimes cheaper is not better if they are just in it for the quick $$$. Hope this helps. Greg

Appreciate the feedback. The quote was on the phone. The shop specializes in car restoration as opposed to production so hopefully that is a plus. Above all else, I am scared to death about the sand in the oils scenario.

Well, you know where all the holes are, right? Two at the bottom of the down tube (one feed, one return), one for the dip stick, and one vent port at the steering head. Be sure they get corked up.

Send your frame to EMBEE.Its out in Cali but well worth the money.I forget who I talked to when I had mine done but it was well worth the extra money.THey are the people who used to do the factory yamaha frames when they were still steel frames.

I powder coated my '00 426, 3 yrs ago, $175, make sure you plug off the oil tank very securely, my plugs leaked when the powder coating was heated,( small amount of heated oil ran out on to frame) and ruined the coating, it had to be re sandblasted ( a real pain) and re coated. If you are sandblasting don't get any sand in the oil tank, and rinse everything out when done. The finish is very durable and looks like new still. Mike

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