Having troubles shifting gears...

Hi all:

I was out for a rip with my dad tonight, went to show off how fast this WR is across a stubble field and was having major trouble getting it to shift into 4th and 5th. It seems that when I take it easy and go through the gears there's no problem, but if I crank it up I'm having problems getting into 4th and 5th. What the heck? It's an 06 and I hate to take it back to the dealer; any suggestions?

Cheers, Dave

Double check and make sure your shifter is tight. Mine loosened up ice racing last year and you'd be surprised how much it feels like the tranny won't shift, when really the shiftshaft isnt turning enough to click to the next gear.

Ran out and checked, shifter's tight; can shift it through the gears up and down too but it sure gave me troubles in 4th/5th under load- ???

How long has it been since you changed the oil???

My shifting is way easier with fresh oil.

It had fresh oil in it (I'm changing it every 7-10 hours); my pilot jet had plugged up causing it to idle poorly and backfire on decel, I fixed that now it's giving me grief shifting into the tall gears; could something be in there? Should I flush the oil? It's got less than 600 miles on it and I'd be surprised if the tranny is wearing already, although I guess stranger things have happened...

Do you use the clutch a bit to shift? When I don't use the clutch, I back off the throttle a tiny bit and it shifts straight in.

May be you have to work on your technique?

I don't think I can just slam it into gear (nor would I want to!) WOT, but shifting definately becomes easier the older the bike gets.

Also, the shifter must return to its normal state before trying to select the next gear. If your boot is too big, and the shifter doesnt return to its normal resting location, the internal ratchet mechanism will not reset.

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