WR426 rebore kits

It's been about 2 years since I've ridden my bike due to near back to back deployments. I will be home soon and I want to rebuild my engine on my 01Wr426F. Is there a resleeve & piston kit out there for this bike that will increase the bore size so I can increase the cc? I don't want to stroke it cuz of the cost and I love the way it revs now.



How about this?...SC


The LukesRacing seems to be the way to go. Much cheaper.

Thank you,


Get the 12.5:1 kit or you're gonna need to run race gas $$$...SC

Dan_Lawrence - You will love the extra cc's, it makes the 426 rev even better. I put a 97mm piston in mine along with the hot cams and some head porting and the thing just rips. It even starts 1st kick still. :thumbsup:

The jetting was a bit confusing for me though. I thought that a bigger motor needs more fuel..... wrong! I went smaller on all my jets, why you ask. The motor is a better pump with the larger bore so it pulls the fuel harder/faster through the carb. Weird I know but spark plugs don't usually lie. I went to a 42 pilot and 162 main. Good luck and come home safe. Thanks for protecting!

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