WR426 Dualsporters

Curious how many of you have converted your WR to (street legal) dualsports? Show pics if you can and details of title process (hassle). Anyone titled a dirtbike in Alabama in th e last year?

For PA, it's a little hassle. Depends on who does your inspection. We have mandatory annual inspections for all motor vehicles. Things like functioning lights, good brakes, smooth steering head bearings, good tires, etc. No statewide emitions test yet!!

You have to get a "reconstructed" title from the state, carry some liability insurance, and pay the state fees.

The hassle is in getting the title. I was told that it changed a bit since I did it. Back then, a licensed inspection mechanic had to verify that all the required equipment (speedo, high/low headlight, brake light, horn, mirror, and chain guard) was in place. He signed off and sent pictures front, side, and back with license plate mounted to the state dept of transport.

Then after fees, I got my "r" title.

I said that it depends on the mechanic because I know some people that didn't have to add turn sigs., and I've never heard of anyone else needing the chain guard.

Check Baja Designs' web site, they had a list of proceedures for different states.

Went the Baja Designs route. Must say the kit is well made and connects like its from the factory. Even all the necessary DMV forms are included. In my case however, I went with a '99 WR400, so there was no VIN number conflict to deal with (a CA problem only I believe, lucky you) on the 2000 and newer bikes. Other than that, there are good and bad ways to get thru DMV so do alot of "homework" before you drop your 10-ft pole. Get your inspection done by a cycle dealership and you can leave the bike home when DMV time comes. Tell them it a street bike, it never had a fixed odometer, and don't ever say dirt, motocross, knobby, etc... in front of them. I think they have a special button for when they hear that. And it ain't the happy button. Search the archives here and you should find a ton of info.

Good luck!!!

Fox, if you are considering a dual sport kit buy the one from trickdualsport.com it is a much nicer kit than baja designs. Eric

Pictures of my previous bike, a street legal WR400:


The vehicle tax makes a WR street legal in Finland. Easy but expensive. A non-street WR is about 8400 USD and and the street version is about 11400 USD.


You want to see a beautiful kit check out E-Line. If you want to see it on a yam go to Doug Dubac racing (spelling probally incorrect} and you will see it on his bike. I saw the kit on a wr400 and it was real pretty the way everything was tucked in and tight not to mention the style looked great. I will be buying it this winter. Fred

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