Kicks starts great, electric????

When starting my 04 wr450 it rolls over quickly with the electric starter but doesn't want to start when cold. So I hit the electric button for a few seconds then give her a swift kick and she fires to life. When warm the electric start brings her to life immediately. Anybody else have this issue? Fortunately being an 04 it kicks really easy and isn't really an issue.

Sounds like your '04 suffers from the same malady mine does...

Old battery.

Mine is OEM & has been kinda sketchy for a year or so, but then I don't have a battery tender or anything like that. It's too easy to kick over for me to bother with, & when it's warm it will usually fire up on the button if it's stalled or shut off. :thumbsup:

You are probably right. Plus the fact that the guy I bought the bike from never rode it enough to keep it charged nor kept any type of battery tender on it.

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