I talked to Norman Kouba today.

Here is the poop:

He WILL NOT ship ONE T-Handle to anyone, being the minimum order is $35.00. He will pay for shipping, but the price IS $16.00. For those of you that want two or more, this is a viable option.

We can get these for a ONE TIME OFFER ONLY for $11.00 apiece BULK order to one address only, that voluntarily is me. $13.00 WILL cover all my shipping charges. It it does not, I WILL EAT THE DIFFERENCE! It is OK, really! :)

For WR/YZ models, Suzuki DRZ - NOT E-MODEL, and CRF Honda (hurry up CRF250, I want one!!), nothing special on the install.

DRZ-E models are special. PLEASE see his web page on installation:


I recommend EVERYONE take a final glance at the web page (does it seem like you are signing away your life for some reason?) to rest assure yourself that you want to take this plunge!

For any "new readers", this is an adjust on the fly (well...with the bike stopped) carb fuel screw adjuster. The advantage is it is installed in the carb and WILL NOT fall out. For those of you (like me) that blow cash on graphics, pipes, airboxes, suspension mods, beer (hey, beer is in a WHOLE DIFFERENT CATEGORY!) this is less than a drop in the bucket. EVERYONE that has one swears by them.

The shipping is the same for everybody, but I must ask for U.S. equivelent dollars. For example, I think Austraila is running 66% of US currency :D .

I am setting up a PAY PAL account for this thing, which I have NO CLUE how it works. I do request a bank check, money order, traveler check, personal check IF SIGNED IN BLOOD :D , etc.

If you question my honesty, I welcome anyone to Firebomb or Molotov Cocktail my house if I screw you over. Give me a heads up so I can get my bike and gear out the house :D !!

Please reply via the Personal Messsage Icon. I will need to know how many desired, complete mailing address, how you want to pay would be nice, anything else pertinent (secret jet specs for a 99WR, if your Sister is availbale for a date :D , etc ).

I want to place this order NLT (Navy slang for No Later Than) Friday, December 14, 4 pm United States - Eastern Time.

Glad to help out ANY ThumperTalk Member!!


:D check you pm's Kevin! :):D

Hey Kevin, I cant send a private message your inbox is full. Read ya mail will ya !!! :D:)

Anyhoo 20$ CA$H in an envelope will be on its way tonight if you give me your address.

ciao bello

It said your PM box was full so Ill post mine here.

I would like one of em

my shipping info is;

Darren Pierce

1331 W 8th Ave

Chico, CA 95926

I will most likely pay by money order, though paypal is an option if I get set up in time.

Thanks for setting this whole thing up

Found out many of you guys do not have a listed e-mail address for me to send you a reply to PM.

I, unfortunately, will have to have a financial commitment from everyone for me to place the order.

Kevin Lysdahl

275 Old Mountain Road

Northwood, NH 03261-4209

If it is needed, Pay Pal has my name as mxvet163 with e-mail @ kwho163@hotmail.com

PayPal is very cool Kevin. You now have money for the two that I want! If they take out too much out in commission....let me know and I'll send you some more $$$$

Pay Pal up and running!!


my paypal acct: kwho163@hotmail.com

(FYI: 163 was my AMA District 23 MX "B" class number, "A" class I was #61...aahhh, the good ole days!! :) )

I will be posting everyones receipt of money prior to placing the order. I will update the list, so you guys can be rest assured things are going fine.

What about us lads in the Uk, is there anywhere that sell these tools over here or can we get them through you. Will the shipping charges be more than the price of the tool ?????


I want one! $11 sounds like a good deal to me.

Let me know when they come in.

Hey, Paypal is the way to go. It is very easy; you just set up an account (give them your bank account number and think of a name you want to use as your paypal "handle"). Anybody can deposit money to your paypal account if they know your handle (transfer from their account, Visa, etc.). Thanks,


Here's my home email address:



I know you are not "Taffy"......sorry.


Hey Guys,

The Paypal thing is piece of cake. it took less than 5 minutes to transfer $ to Kevins account.

Hey Guys,

My Pay Pal IS NOT setup to take credit cards.

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