XRR needs new clutch

Well, after 127 hours of abuse my XR650R's clutch is definitely slipping noticeably now. I think that's pretty decent for a fully uncorked bike.

Anyway, what should I get? OEM, aftermarket?

The stock clutch never did grab really hard, I wouldn't mind something with a bit more bite, but with OEM reliability if possible.


The stock 650R clutch has a 'judder spring' to help soften/cushion the tranny. You can remove it and add an extra metal plate and fiber plate, which will give much better grab but will make your ride more jerky as there will be no cushion for the torque hit when shifting. Read about it here;


If you remove everything, then go back with 7 fibers and 6 steel plates. This is a real grabber though but wears well.

Also you do not have to remove the judder spring if you want to retain the smoothness. Just add an extra plate. Another thing you can do is order thicker plates for the XR650R from Rekluse (auto-clutch) and replace several of the stock plates with their thicker plates. That way you get better clutch action, keep the judder spring and don't have to add another plate. :thumbsup:

I bought a set of stiffer clutch springs from XR's Only. They worked great, didn't add to the pulling in of the clutch and were only around $20.

I highly recomend a set of these for a bike with no clutch issues, and for somebody doing a clutch job.

Guys I need a new clutch too. I think I want to keep the judder.. How many of each plate then. I also think I want to stay with OEM plates but am open to suggestions. I have stage II cam, exhaust, 11:1, etc.

Right now, I the clutch seems to have no adjustment. I mean the lever is tight against the perch, no mater the adjustment. Also, can't get it to shift to neutral when engine is running and the clutch is still grabbing when the lever is pulled in. Do you think I need a new basket too? Cable?

Come on guys, somebody knows this stuff. I don't want to tear it down prior to ordering cause then I will be with out a scoot. Maybe I should start my own thread?

Just did a Buddy's clutch that was doing the same thing. If you're keeping the judder, you need 6 fibers and 6 steels. The baskets don't usually go bad.

thanks man, I will order the parts and try the stock basket first. Did the clutch job you just performed fix the problems? Also do you leave the judder in the clutch you did?

Blakerj10, you may want to check your clutch bushing as well. The difficulty finding neutral at idle may be a symptom of the bushing that the basket rides on going south. Especially if your bike is a pre '02. You've probably already read about this on this forum. Make sure if you replace it to also order the lock nut as well. Should cost about $20 to do both. BTW if your order a new bushing it's updated to the post '02 spec for more oil flow. No mods needed.

Well, when this clutch started getting weird, I first thought it was the bushing cause I was still running the 2000 model with no problems. I changed it out and it made no difference.

Yeah it fixed the problem but I put back a stack of 7 fibers and 6 steels. I removed everything from the clutch back to the basket. Started with a regular fiber and alternated from there. The last plate will be a fiber and check the shop manual to see how this one installs. Wet the new clutch a bit with some oil before installing it. Have fun, it's not hard to mess with.

Well I just broke down and took it apart tonight. The fingures on the basket have some ridging when I rub my fingure down them. Also the hub has some minor ridges also. What do you guys think? Is that pretty normal or do I need to pull it out and smooth it. Or new basket? Also, on the hub where the springs sit there is some pretty deep grooving...

Thank for your help

Chances are that if you pull your clutch in and the bike creeps then you have a burred up basket. This stops the plates from moving freely. Get a file or grinder onto the burred bits and whack it back in and give it a go. good luck.:mad:

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