checking valves

before i get blasted, i checked the search feature!!!! it was disabled so here's my question, how do you know when to check the valve clearence on an 00 yz426f? i have never had to do this because i had a buddy that would do it for me, but he moved away. So here i am looking like an R-tard. please help!

When? Heck, just do it doesn't take very long. I check mine twice a year and I ride every weekend.

Now if you're next question is how to adjust your valve clearances then I'm out. I do mine myself but I'll let somebody like Grayracer tell you how. Actually, does the acronym RTFM mean anything to you? :thumbsup:

does the motor need to be out of the bike?

No. You can adjust your valves with the motor still in the bike.

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