426 engine/clutch noise...sorry, search broken.

Hello fellow TT'ers. I know this has been covered before, but due to the search being down right now I am asking again.

I've noticed lately that my 2000 yz426f is starting to make some noise. I'm suspecting that it may be the clutch because it only makes the noise under a load. If the clutch is in, no noise. If I am just idling, nothing. Slowing down, nothing. But when I accelerate or am riding at a constant speed there is almost a griding/rattling noise. Is this the clutch? I've also heard of the cam chain going bad on these bikes. Could it be that?

Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:

I'm pretty sure its the key on the gear drive (beetween the balancer and its gear), get off the right cover and chek for it. I have 2 426 and have had 2 oter before , and all of them have this litle problem. The part number is 90282-05058-00 . An other issue i've got with one of them was the basket clutch that was crack.....Better looking at it before it fully broken.


I look into it. I paid a little more attention to the noise today as well on a short ride around the block. It seems to be louder on the left side of the bike. Could it be a loose cam chain?

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