xr600r motor stalls

Hi, I had an earlier posting about my xr not starting. It was the stator,one kick with new stator and it started. But now after riding it around the block it dies with a mechanical noise. I checked timing and it looks like its ok. Idles good and fires right up again after it dies.Slightly white smoke from crankcase vent.Smells a little weird,(might be wd 40 and other stuff burning off after putting the motor back together)When I had the motor apart timing chain+tensioner looked ok.Drained oil and it is black,smells burnt.Something must get hot right away and grinding. I have no idea what could have went wrong when I put the motor back together. Looks like I have to take it apart again and search.

Anybody with an idea what went wrong reassembling ?

Whats a good place for motor parts ?

greetings, Lars

PS: A big Thanks to the guys who helped me to locate the electrical problem!!!!

did you rebuild the stator or replace it??

Its a new stator.

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