426 starts without decomp????HELP PLEASE

Hi all

i have a 00 426 thats driving me crazy.

i have read through this and other forums and see other people having the same problem but never a conclusive answer.

the symptoms are...

i can kick start it without using the decomp lever no problems at all.when it starts, which isnt hard to do, the only noticable differences are it has a rattly sound at idle, as they all seem to have, but mine is a fair bit louder and it lacks a bit of low end power.i only noticed this when i rode a friends bike.top end it has no problem at all

i have had the head done, of again and retested thinking a valve was leaking.changed the timing chain thinking it was stretched.re shimmed the valves 1/2 dozen times to be sure and had the barrel off and checked the ring clearance.

i just spoke to a mechanic in the local bike shop and he is saying the barrel may need replacing which is quite expensive.i dont mind paying if it is the fix...but i dont wanna do time for killing this guy if it isnt.

any help please.......


Run a compression test

If you can kick start that bike without using the decomp lever then there is a problem. Do what mpl239 says and run a compression check...guaranteed you are not making enough compression, but there could be a number of reasons for that.

Did you buy the bike used? Someone may have done the 03 cam mod?

mine does it to but only sometimes it will kick past the compression stroke but usually I hold the decom open and kick it a few times and play with the decomp lever and once I get it to fire once it will go back to normal but I have never started it that way and it does it once in a blue moon

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