06 yzf 450 help please

hey thanks bro, All I nned to know now is where is fuel screw. I want to adjust that 1st then go from there. Anyone have a pic of the carb that shows where it is on the carb...........I downloaded manual but doesnt show where it is when carb is assembled. Pain in my asss. If you have a pic or in depth location please let me know so i can adjust today

hey thanks bro, All I nned to know now is where is fuel screw.

It's just in front (engine side) of the large plug on the bottom of the float bowl. It's up inside the little hole in a vertical(slightly diagonal) position. You'll need a small short screwdriver(flat head) to stick up the hole. You'll also need to remove the fuel screw to take the float bowl off(I forgot to mention that before).

got it running much better i have one question. how far out can fuel screw be. I know i need to rejet but jets wont be in until next week and I have 2 days of riding ahead. Dont want it to fall out.

I don't think there's an exact amount of turns, but of course, the further out you go, the more chance there is of it falling out. I'd say no more than four turns, and you could plug the hole up with some "blue-tac" to help the fuel screw stay put.

thanks alot everyone

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