Please Explain This

ok just bought unabiker rad guards and an acerbis 3.4 gallon tank my dad and i both did. he thinks the guards are stupid and that the white stock plastic things provide more protection from rocks and stuff. he doesnt like the wholes in the front of the unabiker guards not to mention he couldnt get them to go with the tank. we are leaving for baja friday and im trying to tell him that the unabiker is the way to go.. its cheap insurance for the rad right? isnt it expensive to replace the rad? he also thinks that cuz the pros all have stock plastic white things that that is the way to go. some one please explain to him that im right about the guards that we need them and that they are cool. he will read this soon so hurry up

thanks guys this site rocks


Plastic louvers vs. Aluminum there really a comparison? The Unabikers also provide a reinforcing framework for the radiators as well. The plastic louvers are a minimalist approach at best and provide no real crash protection whatsoever.

The guards will work with the Acerbis tank. How do I know?...I have the same set up on my '05. All you need to do is elongate the rear holes that bolt up to the tank-to-frame mount so you have some play in the guard when you drop on the tank.

If your Dad wants to run the risk of damaging a radiator in Baja, he's a braver soul than I. With the Unabikers, if he crashes and damages one, I doubt he'll care because his physical injuries will likely take precedence over the bike's. But what the hell...It's Mexico and you'll be in the desert. What's the worst that can happen? :thumbsup: ...SC

i agree but what about the pros what do they have on for protection. beside them being cool with the white one

Gets hot in Baja, they will help conduct heat away from the rads as well.

i agree but what about the pros what do they have on for protection. beside them being cool with the white one

When you say pros I assume you mean motocross? They wont use them for two reasons 1) They are sponsored with plenty of $$ :thumbsup: 2) When racing you are looking for every way possible to reduce weight and any radiator guard will be heavier then the OE plastic deflectors. Plus what's the worst that can happen if they crash, their pit crew pushes the bike back to the truck. Not quite the same as crashing in the desert.

How did you get so much smarter than your Dad?! If the question you asked isn't self explanatory, then I suggest that you strap a locator beacon :thumbsup: onto your dad and let him go. WR Dave.

I have Unibikers on my 426 with a 3.4 gallon tank. I was doing tons of really slow single track down in Santa V. 2 weeks ago. I had no cooling issues what so ever, and came home with both radiators intact even after dumping the bike in rock garden, had I not had the guards I would have been pushing my bike out with a broken radiator. I have never had over heating issues with them and have put them to the test to protect my radiators. If you pops doesn't want to run them so be it, but tell him that if he bends or breaks a radiator you are not going to help push or tow his bike out. Good luck with your Pops, you are a good son for being concerned. :thumbsup:

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