XR200R Modification Guide

reminds me... I have a '83 XR200R and am looking for a rear shock that will increase travel from it's 9.72" to about 11" to match a new front fork I'm planning to add of another bike. while the XR250 will raise the bike, I don't think it adds much travel. 

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The '81 xr250 shock is very similar to the '83 xr200r shock but is longer and has more stroke. It will raise the back end a couple of inches, but will also give more travel.

I recently rebuilt and installed the 1990 suspension on my 2002 XR200. I mounted my reservoir with a hose clamp to the frame above the chain. However I made the initial mistake of mounting it to low on the frame and the chain chewed up the nipple for filling the reservoir with nitrogen. Don't make this mistake, I fear I may have trouble refilling it in the future.

The following are a summary of the major changes in the XR200 over the years gleaned from TT postings by others and researching part fiche.

1979: XR185 twin shock model, engine based on SL125S. Engine becomes the basis for the two valve XR200 models thru 2002, and others such as TLR200 & ATC200.

1981: Two models; a twin shock XR200 (thru 84) and a Pro Link mono shock XR200R (thru 83). Bore increased from 63.0 (XR185) to 65.5mm (XR200/R). First gear and main shaft changed from 3.083 (XR185) to 2.769 ratio, carb model change from XR185, 200 and 200R use different model carbs.

1984-85: New monoshock chassis and the XR200R engine is based on the very heavy RFVC four valve XR250 engine. The XR200 twin shock continues in 84.

1986: back to the two valve motor. 84-85 XR200/250 chassis is the basis for the 86-02 XR200R chassis, most chassis parts will interchange. Electrical system changed to 12volt, Ignition system changed, alternator changed (rotor & stator), new shift spindle & lever. Center case part numbers changed, left case cover changed for new stator. New model carb (PD97A). Counter shaft longer by about 0.2".

1987: upgraded kick starter gears from 30/28/19T to 21/19/14T (kicker spindle/countershaft/mainshaft). Main jet down to 110 from 112 and needle clip change from 2nd groove to 3rd groove.

1990: stator changed to 2 wire output for lights, same cover & rotor.

1994: SN 5705049 R crank bearing fit changed. Right crank, R case, R bearing, and cam sprocket changed.

1998: CA model carb (PD97B) with 102 main jet & 35 pilot, 49 state carb unchanged.

No two valve XR200R models in 84-85, 1989, and 1992.

I want to make my 1983 XR200R street legal and have a problem with brake light and horn with the 6v system.

Is the 1990 stator change 12v? Will the fit my 1983 and use 1983 rotor and cover?

Does anyone have a repair manual for 01'xr200r. Please save a guy a few bucks and alot of headaches.thanks

Im building a motor for 01' xr200 r and I need some help. It originally dropped the intake valve and melted into the piston the cylinder was not scarred so I ordered a wiseco piston kit off ebay and they sent me 66 mm piston the head was wacked so instead of buying a new head I bought a used motor from a salvage yard took the head off and the cam was missing anyway i got it all put back together and crunk and oil coming out the exhaust ao I take it apart and change the valve seals on the USED head and put it back together . To no avail still smoking and oil coming out the exhaust on top of that the gears were hung up.so heres were I am I took the motor all the way down and im putting the oil pump clutch stator flywheel center fugal everything on the other case so what do u guys think. And does anyone have a repair manual u could send me cause I am getting tapped out on cash I just bought a 05' raptor 660 that needs a timing chain so any help and advice would b greatly appteciated

Please don't clutter up this sticky with general questions. Start a thread with your specific questions and you will get better response.

I am hooked, I go get my second xr200 tomorrow, a 2002 in excellent condition. I got my first one at Christmas for my wife and we both loved it, but I can not mess with suspension or it gets too tall for her real quick. So, i did use this info to clean carb, add unifilter, remove snorkel and first baffle and go up one on pilot and main, I also added lights, mini handlebars, and yz125 aluminum sprocket. I do have a set of 86 forks and a 85 xr250 shock, got lucky on forks but shock is borderline with shaft at Racetech getting rechromed. I hope to use these on my xr200 soon. I really have other bikes for hard and fast, I really just want the xr for the pure fun of it, my memories of xr200 were of my buddies 86 model and I rode a kx500 back then, we often switched bikes and it was a lot of fun trying to out run that monster 500 on such a small bike! It was always a closer race than it seemed would be expected. Wish me luck tomorrow, hope it runs as good as my wife's and I have as much fun modding it back to the 86 model I remember!

Can someone help please? I have an 02 xr200r and looking for more power, can I just get the current cylinder bored out? If so to what CC and how many MM does it need to go? Also wondering what some very cheap exhaust options are, and if any old 18" rear rim/wheel will go straight onto my XR.

Please don't clutter up this sticky with general questions. Start a thread with your specific questions and you will get better response.

Quick draw, I'm trying to wire lights on my 1997 Honda XR200 R. My headlight has three wires blue, black, white. The taillight has three wires yellow, red, black. My alternator has two wires pink and yellow. My rectifier has four colors, Red, yellow, pink, green. I know really nothing about dirt bikes. My bike sat for almost 10 years and I managed to get it started. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, figured out how to get it started, I'm just having trouble with the wiring and figuring out which wire goes where. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am new to this and apologize if I offended anybody by posting and I have no idea what a sticky is.

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I don't understand hwo porting and polishing the head will reduce reliability? These heads seem pretty simplistic in their design. They appear to be of pretty thick material and not a whole lot of material needs to be removed. i just ported and polished my own head. I do however have lots of experience porting and polishing automotive heads. The same princaples apply. I just don;t get how improving the air flow will reduce realiabilty.

Do you know if the 84/85 XR250 cam will work as a performance enhancement for the 84/85 XR200 ?

Do you know if the 84/85 XR250 cam will work as a performance enhancement for the 84/85 XR200 ?

Yes, The RFVC cams are the same but it's off subject for this thread.

Yes, The RFVC cams are the same but it's off subject for this thread.

Thanks. Can I send you a message for further details?

Hi all

Nice to know you all 


I have a XR200 main frame and XR650L swing arm. The problem is, i cant get the XR650L rear brake caliper set for my swing arm coz it very rare bike in my country.

Can i put a CR 85 rear brake set on XR650L swing arm?


Thx 4 all respon


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Hey, Post photos of your XR 200R, this was mine :


Quick draw thank you for this great thread. Last year I picked up my first dirt bike an 01 XR200R. I'm a long time Honda quad rider and thought I would try my hand at two wheels. I love this bike its light, powerful enough, and tough. The bike I have is stock except that it has a aftermarket Lifan engine in it. The cool part of this engine (other than the fact that it's chrome) is that it has a starter. I have attached a battery box to the back of the air box and wired in a switch and presto I have electric start. My question is if I want to recharge my battery how should I go about tying into the harness. You talk about the pink wire in your post. If I tap into this will it charge my battery and do I have to put a ignition switch so that I'm not dischargeing into the system when the bike is not running. Thanks. 


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Please don't clutter up this sticky with general questions. Start a thread with your specific questions and you will get better response.

+1 This thread get very low readership and is suppose to be a list of modifications and not for asking questions.

Quick Draw is no longer active on TT.

For fastest answers please post your questions as a new topic.

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