Need Stock Head Pipe for 426

Boy am I glad to find this site! Been lurking around for awhile and now I need something that I did not find in search mode.

Short story, I have a 426 with a full White Bros E Series system. I used to ride harescrambles and sound was not an issue. Now trail riding with buddies and they hate me. I decided to try the quiet core insert. No dice, different sound, but not quieter. I am running 10 disks. Any more the bike is obnoxious, any less the bike runs poorly.

Being the smart guy that I am (being a cheapskate has nothing to do with it). I ordered a Yosh slip on from an Ebay seller that is advertised as a 96db unit. Guess what? It don't fit my WB head pipe. Now I feel stupid. Do I try to send it back and get the full system or try to find a stock head pipe to work with the slip on I already have?

I would love to find a stock head pipe to fit the new Yosh slip on so I don't have to buy a new system, ship the other one back, worry about a credit, and so on....

So, anybody got one? Price?

I have one, PM me for details.

PM sent.

Just for reference.....

I think the YFZ450 quad header will also work with the bikes. You can expand your search if this is the case.

Pin - Thanks for the info. I got a line on a 426 unit from GreenKLX. Are you sure that the 450 unit will work with the 426? I was under the impression that the 450 was different from the 426.

The YZ/WR450 and YZ/WR426 certainly are interchangable as I've personally done it. I belive the YZ/WR400 will also interchange with the before mentioned bikes also, but I've not personally tested that theory. Nor have I tested the quad theory, but I have some hazy reccolection that they will.

Kudos to GreenKLX for hooking you up and to you for keeping it quite!

Hey KLX - Your PM's are full! I tried to PM you back to get an eta on the pipe and it wouldn't go through.

OK boys, the new head pipe showed up today. I will install it tonight. Had to edit my original post according to the message board rules. Sorry Mr. GR!

if it is the full e series for sale check ur pms.

PM's checked. I should not have buried a "for sale" item in a message board post. I have edited both posts. Sorry for bending the rules.

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