BD speedo, backlight hookup to BD kit

Anyone know how to hook up backlight of BD manual speedo up to BD kit for 650R? There is a black wire and red wire from speedo, but I don't know where to hook it up to kit at. Don't really need a backlight, but if it's an easy hookup I will do it. Bike already had BD kit on it so I don't have any knowledge or info about kit thanks.

would be some nice knowledge... i have the same thing and cant see my speed at night. i honestly haven't even taken a look at it.

The green wire to the small parking light in the headlight is hot with DC power. Tap into that wire and ground the opposite side and you will have power. Unfortunately if you don't have a high output stator there's really not enough power to run extra stuff. The barely has enough to run the stock lighting especially with a dual sport kit.

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