3 quick questions

G'day. Firstly- When de-octopusing do you have to change the starter jet as per tech. section instruction or would stock be fine?

Second- I notice the EKP needle is a favorite. I have an EKN, has anyone had a play with this?

Lastly- When disconnecting the APJ what is the best method? Turn the rod and leave it sitting in place or remove the rod completely and block the rubber boot?

Advice greatly appreciated.


Taffy and I have de-octopussed without changing the starter jet. Taffy's jetting which I have copied is very different from the majority in as much as we have very low (lean) ratings for all jets with MAJ jets to match (see my signature) and NO apj. I have heard no-one come out and say you HAVE to change the starter jet - it is just recommended by the initial proposer of the de-octopus mod - 'Clarke' along with a larger PAJ. If you make no other changes you have to increas the PAJ (From 85 to 100 I think Clark suggests)

EKN has been discussed to a certain degree in previous posts. I would suggest you do a search on EKN and read the posts. As I recall it is not a favorite, just some people do use it. However....a needle costs about 15$ US (at least in Switzerland) so if you have a doubt just buy what you feel most comfortable with.

Disconnecting the APJ - remove the carb first :) Seriously though - whatever you do make sure no crap can get in the hole you leave behind. If you leave the rod and rubber boot in but not connected to the rocker arm you risk losing it. I would remove all and buy a small rubber cap and wedge it over the exposed hol.

Lastly...beware removing the apj. From what I have learned you WILL have to compensate that by richening the pilot circuit. Taffy current setting which he (and I) are well satisfied with is a 38PJ and 55PAJ. Watch this space though....I have an inkling Taffy is not quite as finished as hes states :D

However as stated oft times before many of these circuits overlap so beware if you are going to pick and choose differing setups from a number of solutions.


jim bob

i presume you're an aussie and therefore under 2,000ft altitude.

the EKN is the perfect needle. you can only go by my latest tests but that would be thee needle of choice at the moment. as you may have read in "jetting Q's" the needle straight has been pulled higher and higher up in the last month and now it seems a tad rich on the straight.

as far as straights go i've found that EMMc2 and c3 the bike was lovely on start up from cold and general running.

but since i've gone to EMMc4 and c5 the engine sounds on the verge of eight-stroking. so a fatter straight would be great. an EKN for sure and possibly the EKP which i have in the box.

in a perfect world you run the needle on c4 so my *M* should be a *K*. add the two and you get EKN!!

to remove the APJ rod on the 98/99's just undo the black plastic rocker arm, pull the rod around, up and out. rebolt the rocker arm. block the hole-i lost mine after 10 months on sunday just as i wish to experiment again!

starter jet. i would leave as original for now.

the missile floated off now and again and ran into trouble. if he'd been running anything much different to me i would have had a job helping him. but because he runs the euro/aussie pipe, at sea level (well nearly, except when on mont blanc!) lid off, YZ timing it was easy to help him.

even if you think it's a backward step, go to the aussie pipe for setting up perfik then put your white bros on (or whatever)!

when it's all spot on you will have to check through the choke jets and possibly have the APJ fitted IF you are on tall gearing. i'm on 15/48 and the missiles snaps hard but mine is loading up too much.


I love My EKN, Now that my jetting is as close to perfect as I can get it...Minus the Change of the Starter Jet to a 65 which will happen this week. I had a DVM needle which was ok but had no punch. Taffy and JD recommended the EKN change and it is just what the doctor ordered.

My choke SJ is way too rich after deoctapusing this thing so I am going to have to jet it down. Some folks like Taff and the In Flight Missle Repair dude havn't had this problem. Mine billows black smoke with the choke on.

Bonzai :)

Thank you for your advice gents. I am getting a 160MJ, 170MAJ, 40PJ, 60PAJ tomorrow. Not quite Taffy settings but I am working towards them and willing to go further. I run an Aussie made Staintune pipe which is quiet, lite and looks good. Almost as quiet as stock Aussie/Euro pipe and can be made loud in about 30 seconds (but who wants that?)With my current (and about to be improved) jetting I am making more power everywhere without the noise.


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