03 WR and YZF Cam (part no.)

I'm looking to drop the YZ cam into my 03' WR. I have searched the forums, and still am slightly confused as to what the exact part number is of the exhaust cam i will need. Any Help would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:

5TA-12180-00-00 CAMSHAFT ASSY 2

This is for the YZ cam and you will have YZ timimg. YOu cannot go bacy to WR timing with this cam. (i.e. it cannot be rotated because of the decompression release)

For WR timimg use the '03 WR cam:

5TJ-12180-10-00 CAMSHAFT ASSY 2

enjoy. this is the best mod I've done to my '99

Awesome. Can't wait to get one ordered up, i'll post my results :thumbsup: Gonna snip the gray wire this weekend too :lame:

Have a q about yz or hotcams my self.. Have a hotcam, but havent installed it yet. This because Im not sure if a mod like that is going to wear out my engine much faster than with the stock cam. I understand that a more agressive cam will increase the wearrate of my engine, but how much? I dont want to have a engine that has insane power, but last for one month! So my question is, how many kilometers/miles or hour have you put on your engine after installing a yz cam?

I suppose to answer this question basically you should be asking the yz owners how their reliability is?

I now have my YZF Cam, before i delve in, do i need to adjust the valve clearances after fitting the new exhaust cam? Thnks in advance..

I used the WR Cam and WR valve specs. I can't don't know that the specs are different as far as clearance goes, and I don;t recall any discussion of VC specs when folks discuss this mod.

Thanks for the reply, i couldn't find much talk about it either, but thought i would just double check :devil:

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