Shift shaft

I bought a 2006 wr450 about 3 weeks ago. When I picked it up I noticed it was a little difficult to get in to neutral I did not think much about it I figured it was just new and a little rough around the edges. The first ride out was spent jetting and setting up the suspension. After 3 rides the neutral problem was not getting better so I took it back to the dealer. After inspection the shop manager and mechanic told me the shift shaft was bent and it was a rider era. (some one landed on the shifter after a jump). I have been ridding for 30 year and I would know if I landed on the shifter. Has any one experienced similar problems? Is it possible to bend the shaft with the aluminum shifter. :thumbsup:

If the bike was showroom new and you're still under the 30 days, then it's a warranty job. The dealer has to prove, at his expense, the cause of the damage. It is illegal for him to just pull something out of his ass and tell you it's your fault. A warranty is a legally binding contract, and the dealer has certain obligations, one of which is to definitively determine the cause of the damage. It's all covered in the Magnussen-Moss Consumer Protection Act...SC

I would also call BS on the method in which they say it got bent........ My guess is it damaged after set up in their shop or showroom floor.........

B.S. If the shifter is not damaged there is no way the shaft is bent. The shifter is designed to bend so you do not damage the shift shaft. Call Yamaha directly and tell them the problem with your dealer. They should direct you to a different dealer or convince the one to do the work. The lazy bastards just do not want to do the paperwork. Yamaha is pretty up on keeping dealers honest. You will soon get some questionnaires to answer on your dealer service. Give them the hammer if they do not help you. :thumbsup:

Thank you for you advice and help. :thumbsup:

I called YAMAHA and they said they would take care of it. :thumbsup:

I was disapointed with the dealer they just wanted to blame me.

I have bought 8 bikes from them in the last 3 years you would think they would stand by me. :lame:

Yamaha is very good about honoring their warranties. It's the dealers that are the weak link in the system. You may want to find a different shop to do the work as they may be less than motivated to do a good job since you got Yamaha corporate involved and called their bluff...SC

Clark4131 is right You can no longer trust them to do the right thing. and they may get a bone in their nose over the warranty.

One scenario may be that the bike fell over in the showroom and bent the shaft and broke the shifter then they could have replaced the shifter and sold it ( just a possibility)

You may need to write some letters to the owner of the dealer and the corporation asking them if this is how they treat a loyal customer who has purchased 8 bike from them ( that would get my attention if i were them) Don't flame them but strongly suggest your dissatisfaction. Thank the corporate people for stepping up to the plate. Ask the corporate Representatives to recommend a reputable shop for the repair or wait and see how the owner of the dealer reacts.

Then let us know what happens. Good luck.

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