Tall Guy big bar Handlebar Risers?

Does anyone know where I can purchase a bolt on pair of extra tall

big bar risers? (For Aftermarket Clamps)

I am wishing for 2" high and a inch forward.

I have not found any one who makes aor sells them. Any help would be appreciated!

Try BRP or use 2 sets of bottom triple clamp mounts, some tall guys use quad bars too.I don't have the problem I'm height deficient but have a 6'9" riding buddy. He uses a BRP sub mount and tall bars.

Try some fat bar adapters on top of the factory triple-clamp or a Scotts Under Bar (S.U.B.) Mount on a BRP/Scotts Triple clamp with Pastrana FMX or similar bend bars. That will definitely get you up where you want to be in height. The adapter + new bars will be the cheapest route at about $120, but you may need new/longer throttle cables if go too high. I have the S.U.B. with "CR High" bend which are lower than the Pastrana FMX bars, and I needed the new throttle cables. IIRC I paid about $55 for the cables. It was expensive, but worth it IMHO. The change will make it seem like a new bike. You will actually be able to stand without killing your back and/or your legs. Good luck!

I have an Applied triple clamp installed already so i don't need the BRP clamp.

Just need high risers with a bolt...

On BRP's web site it says that you must use their clamp with the high sub mount, So I don't think their risers will work with applied's triple clamp..

Or will They???

Not sure with the Applied clamp, but I'm 6'8" and picked up some bar risers from Thumper Racing a few years ago that are 1.5 up and 1.5 out. Using the stock clamp they work great for me. The risers aren't listed in their online catalog that I could see, but I'd drop them a line. I'm sure they could answer the Applied clamp question too.

Hope that helps...

The dirt bike pro adapters look like a cheap way to go, I might give them a shot. PS: I called thumper racing and they make an adapter mount that moves it up and out 1.5" but only comes in 7/8" size. I wish they had one for a 1 1/8...

Tag metals also makes a riser(big bar). I put one on one of my R's. Got it from Afterburnermx.

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