Dual sporting the 650R Do you need to change the stator?

2001 650R

Bajadesigns dual sport kit I am confussed I read the stator needed to be rewound or changed and then the tech told me no that it would work fine iwith stock stator, unless I wanted to run higher wattage bulbs then I would need to change it

you thoughts

You can run a 55w bulb with the stock stator and your kit.

I have a 2001 xr650r with a baja designs kit and it runs just fine with the stock stator. The tech was right!

It works fine, just don't expect high beam light, like on high beam for your L. I would say it's about as bright as low beam on the L, using supplied BD headlight.

does the kit have a lo beam hi bulb and switch?

Yes, it does, mine was already hooked up when I got it. Low is really weak, not even worth using in dark, I keep it on high the whole time. Don't know, maybe others have a different take or set up with kit.

Got the Dakar kit and they also say to use the high output stator

But it runs fine with the stock stator, just a weeker light the same as the BD kit

I was using a 45w with my E-Line dsk. The light output was so-so, even at significant rpm. So I decided to rewind the stator myself. Lots of people on here have done their's and you'll have all the support and guidance you need.

It sounds too techie to do it and I have to admit I put it off for almost a year, "worrying". But finally three weeks ago I jumped on it. Its really not bad at all, just follow the instructions (SnaggleXR650 has the best how-to, imho).

Now my stator is producing about 125w (about twice the stock output) and I am now running a 55w/60w PIAA SuperWhite bulb. The difference in light output is awesome. If you are smart and skilled enough to install a dsk, you can handle the stator rewind. You will not be disappointed.

Ride safe.

point me to SnaggleXR650 has the best how-to

I bought a ricky stator 200 watt I hope its not to hard to put in

I may want to buy a better bulb for the Baja kit? Bulb link?

Baja Designs will rewind your stator and it will put out 250w. They guarantee their work for life. It cost me $120.00 two years ago.

Can you give me some info on your stator rewrap, did you do the ignition stator also? if so what type of wire did you use and how did you do it. I have a Honda XR600R 1986 mine is spent, I want to re wrap it myself.

My 'assumed' stocker puts out major light on high beam. I've wondered if maybe it was replaced as the original owner had the dealer do a LOT of work before it left the shop. BD kit including rear pegs, Pirelli 21's, etc. Every bolt I've taken out was lock tite'd. And the headlight is really bright and doesn't dim at idle or when the turn signals are on. hmm

You guys can run a 55w bulb and a kit correct? I have the stock stator 35watt bulb and baja designs kit. If my battery is charged up, I can only ride 15-20 min in the dark berfore my battery runs dead, then i have bassically no light. In my case a stator upgrade is totally neccary for any night riding. Is there something wrong with my bike/stator?

Or the battery.

I just rode about 45minutes Sunday night, no problems with light dimming with BD kit (whatever watt comes with kit). Does sound like maybe battery. :thumbsup:

I, like Internalcombustion rewound my stator. It truly is not that difficult. Look a few pages back in this forum for a thread titled "DIY stator rewind" It has all the info you need. I placed a few tips on there myself to clarify some of the less obvious points. To answer your question: YES you need a higher output stator. My bike came already dual sported with the BD kit. I nearly had a serious accident with my firts night ride as the battery was discharged enough the the headlight went out about 10 miles from my home. Not good. With my rewound stator I now run a 55/60W bulb with no problems. Now the battery is all but unecessary. Go buy 50 feet of 18 guage magnet wire & some 2 part epoxy. Should cost you less than $25. Go for it.

Provided you upgrade the stator to provide the needed power for it, how powerful of a bulb can you safely run with the stock wiring harness and headlight bezel without the risk of melting something??

Not sure on bikes, but i know if you put too high of a wattage of bulbs in cars it can fry the harness.

Any input on this?

If you install a baja kit and use the stock stator, it will work but it will work like crap. Blinkers won't work at idle, 35watt headlight is all you will get, and tail light is dim. I just put in the Ricky Stator 200 watt and what a world of difference. Headlight has 100watts to itself which drives a 90/100 perfect. The rest of the system performs outstanding on its own 100 watts from the stator. I can give specifics on hooking it up if you want. Followed same instructions from Baja Website using their rewound stator. Same setup, different colored wires.

don you get instruction from ricky stator?

if not give me som infi as I am waiting for the 200 watt ricky stator to put on my 650R

I will need the same info

Ricky stator has a wiring diagram but no instructions. I emailed and they told me I'd need to contact baja designs for a wiring kit and instuctions. The wiring kit is merely a relay you plug in up front so you can switch between high and low beam that is about a 10 min install. Go here for the baja design rewind instructions: http://www.bajadesigns.com/2005%20Web%20Site/statormods.htm

I had Ben a Baja Designs go through them with me and he explained that the setup between their rewind and the ricky stator is the same. The difference I found that is when you plug one of the pairs from stator into the baja rectifier and the other pair into the AC regulator for the healight (stock AC regulator you remove when you originally installed kit), it does matter on polarity when the instructions say it doesn't. So if your headlight or DC system (blinkers, tailight, horn) doesn't work well switch the wires and all should work. Let me know if you need any more specifics.

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