Electric start YZ 450....to support EFI?

I did a search on this in this forum and there is nothing yet for the upcoming YZ 450's to go with an E start, kind of like the KTM 450 SX-F. I understand that this years sx-f with the E start is testing grounds for next years model equiped with EFI. I was woundering if anyone out there has heard of other Jap models doing the same (hopefully Yamaha), or I guess kick start for moto is all that is really neccessary. I race hare scrambles and cross countries, so I would love to replace the kick with a happy button. From my understanding, the E start set up is only a pound or two more then a kick set up (these are separate, not together). Anyways, I am excited about the EFI's that will be coming out, I just hope we see E starts on the YZ's as well!!

I know there is an outfit that provides EFI systems for YZ's. I am working on a cool YZ/WR hybrid project and might have to consider it although it is probably to much $$$.

The rumor is for Jap bikes to have EFI for 2008.

None of the Japanese experimental EFI MX bikes have or require an e-start.

Go to the TT racing forum and ask DROB that question. He just installed the Optimum Power EFI unit on his sons' bike. I think he might be able to have some insight on your question.

Take Care, John

I am sure that all Jap 450's and 250's as well as the KTM's will have EFI's by 08. It would be nice though to see the E start option as well. I think KTM is doing an excellent job. They come up with a lot of new ideas and pour in a lot of money into enduro style race bikes. I wish Yamaha would come up with some more enduro related race bikes too. The WR is no match for the XC's. I guess it is a smaller market, but then look at KTM's sales numbers. Every race I go to, half of all the bikes are orange, ifnot more.

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