Digital Performance Ignition

I am curious if a digital ignition will help the starting difficulties the Yamaha's seem to have. Ingitions such as DYNA'S FS. Anyone used them? What are some opinions?

i'm 80% sure that the starting problems of these bikes is the carburation.

the only reason i'm not 100% is because the problems for some have come from nowhere.

i'm a great believer in medium old plugs. if it's running well leave the old girl in!

i've had abike that didn't want to start. i literally left it in the garage for a month last year and missed the end of season john banks national enduro.

i've been there. i think the plugs just get worn down and tired of the rich/lean/rich/lean scenario they go through and simply pack up.

they don't lose any one battle, it's the bloody campaign that gets them!

that's why a new plug helps for a little while.


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