Pics from a great trip last week, on a WR450F

Thought this thread was best placed here, and not in the media section..

Went for å 170km ride last sunday, since the weather was perfect, and the season is ending soon..

The trip is a "round trip" from home (0m above sea), up to the mountain (997m above sea) on gravel, down again after 70 km and back home on great twisty asphalt roads..

Took some pictures of the best day on my bike i have ever spendt :thumbsup:

Enjoy :lame:


More pictures here: :p

Awesome Pics! Norway is now on my places to visit before I die list. :thumbsup:

Amazing, there i was last saturday thinking i was having a good ride on the moors near Bolton North West England, United Kingdom

Nice pix! That first one might be my new desktop! :thumbsup:

Excellent pics!!!!


Very cool........ :thumbsup:


on top of the wold.........nice pictures.

Absolutely incredible! I could take in sights like that everyday!

Nice pic's. You have to find some riding buddies. It sucks to ride alone.

I did the Calabogie boogie 2 weeks ago, almost 300 Km's of every kind of trail imaginable.


I know, it would be alot more fun riding with someone..

But there are not anyone else around here, riding offroad bikes.. So therefor i am wondering about selling my bike.. Perhaps i will buy another one if anybody else starts riding..

But i`m going to repeat this trip one more time first, thats for sure!!

I rode solo quite a bit, but just tone it down and don't take any big risk.

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