Fuel dripping from overflow tube

I posted in jetting also, but anyone have a problem with fuel dripping from overflow tube on the bottom of bowl.

I completely cleaned out carb and adjusted the float height per the manual. The needle valve looked good also.

When I turn the gas on and the bowl fills up, it starts to drip out the overflow tube. I turn the gas off and then it stops.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

Charlie, this happens to me from time to time... I'll usually pick up my rubber mallet and tap on the carb body gently to free the float valve, that usually fixes the leaking.. Or, once the bike warms up and you put a few miles on the bike it should stop... It's possible that the float valve is getting stuck on a small spec of dirt or granule.. good luck...


float stuck....rubber mallet works like dan said...but if it doesnt stop..take out the heavy machinary and get that 50 pound sledge and bang the hell out of it and that should work..it may stop..but the carb will be in a few peices

take out the heavy machinary and get that 50 pound sledge and bang the hell out of it and that should work..it may stop..but the carb will be in a few peices

I like your style.... :thumbsup:

Yeah, thanks guys, I went through the hole thing and cleaned it out. I'm tired of my friends with honda's and ktm's telling me, "hey that things leaking again"! :thumbsup:

I'm ready to get that 50lb sledge out.


charlie, I had the same issue and did the same thing only to find out in my case it was the oring undernieth the neddle assembly that was bad and it was causing the problem. I ordered the neddle seat assembly that includes the o ring and no more drips ever again. It was $40.00 or so... This will fix either one of the two possible problems listed above. Good luck. :thumbsup:

P.S. sorry for the bad spelling, in a hurry!!!!!!!!

It'd be cheaper to pull the seat assy and take it to a hardware store for JUST the o-ring....I can usually get them for less than a buck...

When this happens to me, I tap it with a mallet. If that doesn't work I get out the air gun (from my air compressor), stick it up to the fuel inlet on the carb and blow it out. That always does it.

Thanks, Steve by the seat assembly I'm assuming you mean the piece in which the float valve closes off the fuel flow.?

I'll check it it out, but it didnt look like i could replace that part?

Theres a screw that holds the whole assembly in, take that out and the whole thing will come out. Alot of people think that a stuck needle is the only thing that can solve this problem but the o-ring behind the assemble keeps the gas from running right around the unit and bypassing the needle. If its not the needle itself its going to be this o-ring on the assembly thats causing your problem, I guarantee it!!! After taking my carb off three times to mess with the float and needle and it not solving the problem, I felt it was worth the money to just replace the dang thing once and for all and be done with it. Now that I have, its never leaked again, the bike runs better and starts easier. You have to think of it this way, if the oring is now worn out and leaking, the rubber on the face of the needle cant be to far behind it or vice versa... Change it all and you will be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck.

I have found that it is usually the o-ring that is deteriorating and causing problems. Mine usually last for about 3 years and then need replacing. Additionally, it is a good idea to always drain all the gas from the float bowl after riding to prevent this deterioration.

Ok, thanks I'll check it out. I haven't had time to get the parts. Ill change the float valve and o-ring and post back for anyone else haveing the same problems.


OK, I wanted to post this in case anyone else had the same problem. I changed the needle valve and my problem was cured.

I don't know why my needle valve was bad after two years, but it was the problem. Thanks for everyones help.


I went through this mess as well. Spend the $45 and get a new needle valve. It comes with the seat and o-ring. Replace all the parts that come in the bag with the needle valve. THis WILL stop the leak.

Sounds like I have the same problem- leaking from the drain hose. Last night I opened and cleaned the carb with ARin. Everything was dirty but looked ok otherwise. This morning, I noticed the dripping- the bike started fine but when I pushed the choke plunger back in- it completely dies. I tried it several more times thinking the bike just needed to warm up, but it continues to die.



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