Honda XR600r stator

Anyone Have any info on rewinding the ignition stator yourself. If not than where can I send it to be rewound?

Here you go:, but if I could just make one suggestion I think you should just get it done or swap it for a Ricky Stator. You're not gonna save yourself much money and it takes a lot of time. If baja designs does it for you it's $130 and they give you as much help as you need hooking it up plus it's wound for dual output at about 140w each circuit. Ricky stators (I haven't had any experience with these) can be found for $130-150 with a swap of your old stator. Save yourself the headache and just get one from these guy's, it's worth it.

As far as I know no one rewinds the ignition coil. Baja Designs only rewinds the lighting coil. I asked them about it. Ricky is just a replacement. When mine went out I didn't have the $150 to spare for the Ricky stator so I just rewound it myself. It's not too difficult. Mine is still going strong after two years.

Here is a site that talks about it.

You need to find some #33 or #34 enamel magnet wire. I got mine from an electronic surplus place for $5. If you have a later XR600 the ignition coil is on two cores, not one as shown on that webpage. If yours has two, wind one clockwise and the other counterclockwise.

I have have several posts in this forum about this process. Search for some of the posts on this.

You can also pick up a XL coil off of e-bay.

Buy the ricky stator, great support, and it comes complete, new ignition coils as well as dual outrput mode for stator.

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