Head Light / Number plate plastic.

Anyone know where I can get replacement plastic for my 05 WR450 head light / number plate plastic? I searched around and the only thing I can find is a yz style front # plate. Also is their anywhere I can get just 1 radiator shroud instead of a set?

The front fender was easy to find.

Am I starting to paint a picture of my wreck?

All you want is the replacement plastic, around the light? I dont think you can just buy that, but i could be wrong, if anywhere i think a yamaha shop could order it...And nope, you have to buy them in a set, i had to just do that...not to bad tho, 30 bucks.

Hope this helps

Yes, I just need the plastic around the light. Of if anyone knows of a reasonably priced after market assembly that would fit well I could go for that. I was hoping some one here that has removed their headlight in favor of a plate would see this and want to sell their stock set up.

Yamaha part # 5BF-84330-01-00. It's $22 at Zanotti Motors or the TT store.

Buy a set of shrouds, you'll need the other one eventually.


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