Another question on 06 bar height

I have seen recommendations of an increase in bar height of 10mm, I emailed protaper and they say the stock bar height is 77mm. I noticed in other threads that the popular choice was the Windham bars, but they are 99mm which means they are 22mm higher than stock. Has anyone tried the Henry/Reed bars, they are 92mm, 15 higher than stock.


I called Pro Taper to ask what bend the stock 06 bars were and was told that they are basically the Carmichael bend but that they are Yamahas specs and only available through Yamaha. Well I happen to have a set of Carmichael Pro Tapers and they are not even close to the same bend. The Windham bend is pretty tall, I owned those as well. The Henry/Reed bend is a very good universal bend bar. Not too tall, not too short, not too much or too little sweep.

I purchased the Henry/Reed bend in the contour bars and they seemed to have much more vibration through them than my old protapers off of my older bike. The ones I had were rm high and they are the originals. As far as the height and bend, I love them, they take getting used to since I had been riding with bent bars for about 6 weeks. But from what I can tell they are nice. Does anyone else have any complaints about the contour bars vibrating bad? Any quick fixes i can do to the stock bar mounts to ease this?

The Windham Bend .... works great :thumbsup:

I'm running the Henry / Reed bend, fits me perfect (5'9").

The bars I took off of the '06 are very nearly identical to the set of Pro Taper "YZ High" bars (high?) that I bought for the 250F. They also very nearly match the set of Tag "YZ" bars on my '03. You figure it out.

We put Windhams on the '06, and they're perfect for my 6'2" son. To me (5'10"), they feel a little tall, and it takes me about a lap to adjust to them when I ride it, but not bad at all. I think I would probably like the Henry/Reed bars for myself.

Windhams for me 6'

I had reed/henry bars but didn't like the pullback which is s bit more than the stock ones have. I like pretty straight bars, the stock one is nice in that respect but too low. I've got Magura SX now, the ones I fell in love with in 2003, they are just the best. If I were to buy protapers, this would be my choice, enough height and minimal pullback:

Protaper Factory Suzuki 02-4783 silver 1-1/8" handlebar

But the bar is really a rider preference, what suits me will not necessarily suit you. :thumbsup:

Windhams contour....6'3

I have the Henry/Reed bars on my 06 YZ250F and i think they are the best bars i have ever used to date!(15 years of riding mx, i'm now 21, been riding my whole life) I would highly recommend them. I am about 5'9-5'10 somewhere around there.

Thanks for all the replies, I am 5'10 and it seems like for the people around my height, the Henry/Reed bars work well. Those were the bars I was leaning towards getting anyway...

thanks all...

The stock bars are great but you need to play with how you have them set in your clamps and if another thing is not the bars you need to try get your forks in the right spot in you triple clamps, get back to me and let me know if that worked for you

If I were to buy protapers, this would be my choice, enough height and minimal pullback:

Protaper Factory Suzuki 02-4783 silver 1-1/8" :thumbsup:

Agreed, the Factory Suzuki work very well.

Unfortunately, things are changing at ProTaper. They have ended their long term mfg agreement with Easton. (to much $$ to keep producing in USA!) Hence the Contour & EVO offering. From what I've heard, the EVO will be on par w/the original PT's. Strength/vibration dampening etc. The Contour is a lower price point offering. It looks like a PT but is not as strong and does not dampen vibrations as well. As with about everything, you get what you pay for.

Personally, I'm buying an extra set of the originals and may try the EVO's.

I'm 6'2" and have Windham bend contours and 10mm risers on my 06 450F... I'm happy with the setup. No complaints about vibration or strength with the contours, but I haven't tested their strength yet :thumbsup:

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