WB E-series maintenance

I just became the proud owner of a used WB E-series pipe. As the pipe is used it is dark brown and is rather ugly on my still almost spotless new WR426.

Can anyone tell me if the header is made out of stainless steel or if it has a chrome layer. I am asking this since I intent to "polish" the header with sandpaper, to make it shine again. Is this safe? Any other suggestions, also for the muffler.

Another question: has the muffler some kind of glaswool filling that likely has to have some maintenance, as the pipe seems quite "used"?

The White Bros header is stainless so you can shine it with Scotch Brite pads and WD-40 to make it look better. The muffler can be repacked like a silencer if you remove the rivets. If you decide to play around with the disks use caution when removing the allen bolts that hold them in because they gall very badly and should be replaced everytime you remove them. Goodluck, Eric

I have not had a problem with galling of my muffler bolts. It's probably because I use a heat resistent anti-sieze compound on them every time I remove them.

You can also use a product called Brasso on your pipe (removes stains and deposits without alot of elbow grease)and muffler or any comercial grade aluminum polish. I've used Mag wheel polish on my head pipe with very good success.

You also should go ahead and order new packing material for the system if you don't know its history. If it's been wet a few times, it's probably ruined and not very effective. It's not hard to do, just remove the disks and use a drill to cut off the rivet heads. If I remember correctly, when your order the packing, it comes with replacement screws for the rivets. Or you could just re-rivet it back on.

Good Luck...

Bonzai :)

can you re-shine the stock header ( it's stainless, right) i have a stock yzf pipe, so i don't know if i have the wr or yz header, so give cleaning tips for either, please!!!! :)

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