What can I do to my 06 yz450f for more preformance without spending any money?

I was just woundering what I can do to my 06 yz450f for better preformance without spending the least amount of money thanks agin guys


Hit the gym, eat right and ride a lot. These three things will yield much better results than any bolt on crap.

Baron hit the nail on the head. Also, you can set the sag and test different suspension settings! There is a lot to be learned about your bike there. And motor wise the only thing i can think of for free is moving the needle clip position and messing with the fuel screw! lol

80% rider, 20% bike

These guys are right. You are the most important performance part on the thing. Get in shape and practice.

Suspension dialing is free, fun, and benefits you, the most important performance part on the bike, more than anything else will.

Add to that the mental game. Get your mind involved. At my age, I can still beat people much younger and faster than I am (like my kid), but only by psyching them, or pulling one out of the hat that they haven't seen before.

Dial in the jetting & suspension like the others have said. Makes a world of difference & is cheap!

These guys are all right. But if you want better handling, don't fill your gas tank up all the way if you are going to race. Obviously, if you are gonna ride for a long time then don't do this or you will run out. But as far as racing goes, most races are under ten laps. You don't need it filled all the way to the top to do this. The gas tank is very high on the bike, so decreasing weight here lowers the center of gravity a lot. Just don't run out!

80% rider, 20% bike

There is a huge difference in my riding if I have slept bad/not enough. That's a big part of the 80 % rider.

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