7' X 12' Enclosed trailer For Sale

I am selling my enclosed trailer due to my wifes pregnancy. It is a 1995 Interstate that is 7' X 12' and has the extra tall option(it is almost 7' tall). It has a 3500lb axle with electric brakes and the break away option. It is painted bright yellow inside and has black and white checkerboard flooring. It has a ramp door in the rear and a front side door. It has two of the folding bike shoes premanantely maounted in the floor(http://www.artisanmfg.com/wheelchock.htm). These are very nice. It has a folding table mounted to the passsenger inside of the trailer that is great. It has 3 glass front cabinets mounted to the walls. It has a powered roof vent that is lighted. I also installed a cover so you can leave the vent open even in the rain and stay dry. We have had as many as 6 full size WR's and XR's in it at once. I spent a bunch of time and money setting this thing up and it is great. I am asking $3400 for it. I have digital pictures available. George 217/726-5494

Here are the pictures:









Thanks for posting the pictures. I plan to list it on E-bay Sat if no one here is interested.

Thanks again

Very Nice...What kind of hardware did you use to mount your table top to the wall?

Where did you get the floor mounted Chocks? Man those are awsome?

If I didn't already have a 17ft enclosed trailer, I would be interested.....Nice

Bonzai :)

[ December 07, 2001: Message edited by: YAMAKAZE ]

Thanks Yamakaze The wheel chocks came form (http://www.artisanmfg.com/wheelchock.htm). I think I purchased the folding table brackets from a company called McMaster-Carr. They have a website and will mail order. If you are looking for hardware they are the **** . However, the brackets were made by Stanley and I still have a new set in the box so here is the part number and maybe you can find it locally.

"Stanley heavy duty all purpose folding shelf brackets" "No.V772 - US2C . 25-0080" They are 23.75" X 21" Hope this helps

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