VP Racing Fuel

I own a 2006 YZ 450f and was wondering if any one has information on fuel selection. What type of VP Fuel also the good and bad about it?

all the info you need here:


U4 is great fuel..burns clean throughout the motor and adds 2-3 hp...It must be drained after each use...will cause gummy carb buildup from vapor if left in the carb

I run plain old high test and my bike has more power than I can use on an MX track.... :thumbsup:

If you were to use VP, U4 would be your best choice. But unless you're in a situation where the main reason you're not winning is a lack of power, you need to ask yourself if it's worth $9-12 per gallon for the extra boost (and the cool smell), along with the need to re-jet for it, and the extra maintenance hassle of draining the fuel each time, stocking the fuel, and not being able to get gas just anywhere. For some, it is, but not me.

Or you can try VP MRPRO4 for 25-30 dollars a gal....and be just like RC and Chad Reed

I use whatever i can get at the pump which is usuallly 100 ocatne... or the purple stuff.. VP-110 i believe it is.. IF using the 110 i will usually go 3 gallons of race to 2 gallons premium.. :thumbsup:

as long as you dont have motor mod you dont need to use HI Preformance gas it wont make a difference your just wasteing your money so if you are looking for more power then cut your screen out of the basket for your air filter and get a Twin air backfire filter you dont need to buy the hole kit just the filter, other than that work on being one with your bike and hit the gym good luck to ya


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