99 yz400, cant get pivot bolt into connection rod on relay arm on suspension


Alright after waiting all summer to get my engine fixed, I finally have it back. Got everything in, swingarm is in, but I just cant get the pivot bolt that connects the connect rod and the relay arm. Am I missing something here?? Whenever I try to slide the bolt in it hits the bottom of the swingarm and there isnt enough clearance to slide it in. I need maybe like 1/16 in more to slide it in but there just isnt enough clearance... The rear wheel is up and the bike is up on blocks, Ive done everything it says to do in my clymers, I think Im just missing something.

Does the this have to be done before the swing arm goes in?

Heres a crappy picture that might help a little bit:


Pic is not working... are you taking about the linkage - if so swingarm installed first then pivot linkage. Or remove rear tire and push up swing arm to get to top linkage

Alright figured it out.

Now I just gotta re-tap the hole down by the coolant pump and stop the dripping. :thumbsup::lame::p

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