06 Yz450f oil help?

I have a 06 yz450f just bought they didnt have owners manual I need to know what to do what bolts to drain. where the overflow, bolt is etc. I went to the dealership and they where know help. please can someone scan me the pages in owners manual. or tell me or anything would help thanks, Matt

wish i could download you cant all its not on there because they want you to buy, the damn thing. I called yamaha and we went there and she was like im sorry that bike you must purchase and she told me take it to a dealer let them change it. This is bad I just want to know how to change my damn oil. I have to full riding days this weekend coming up. Someone please help :thumbsup:

When I tried that yesterday, it said the owners manual has to be purchased, as it is a combination owners/service manual.

Here is a pdf:


20.5 MB though, so hope your have more than dial up!

The "owners manual" is way more detailed than the manual that came with my CRF250R.


select motorcycle, enter 450 and 2006, then download the pdf-file and you have a manual you can view but not print. If you want a printable manual, send me a pm with your e-mailaddress and I'll dig it up for you later.

Thanks guys so damn much, not very difficult but damn just needed to know how to do it thanks alot, my email is matthicks@ntelos.net if you get a chance send me the one I can print.

The manual is a part of the motorcycle purchase. If you bought it new, the dealer owes you one unless it was specified in the purchase contract that you weren't going to get it because of whatever. If you bought it used, you should at least ask.

i just bought my bike 06 yzf a few weeks ago, rec'd the complete owners/service manual, special tool for removing needle from carb, special spark plug wrench, and a triangle side stand. these are std equipment that should come with your bike. as stated above if you bought it new, you have it comming to you, if you bought it used you should ask why you dont have them and the price should have reflected these critical items not being with the bike. ski

i bought bike ummmm used but new it was jarred umpbelbys bike. If you dont know him He is from South Africa. Finished 8th last year in Nats. Hes smoking fast this was a bike that had been set up but never ridden he had 30 for sale. Some raced some practice some never started. All is in the mail to me but just havent received yet. The suspension on this bike is better than I have ever seen. Was done by Factory Yamaha, with pro action parts unreal.Thanks Guys

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