Hopping Up a yamaha wr450???

One thing I didn't see discussed here is higher altitudes... I have an 05 WR450F with all the free mods and the GYTR insert... It's not bad but I would like more power.....am I crazy? It seems so as everyone says they have plenty of power...

I typically ride from '8000 to 14000' here in Colorado... Using rough numbers you can only expect about 76% of your rated HP at 8000', 68% @ 10,000' and 60% @ 15,000'!! Think about that.....how would all you sea level guys like to wake up tomorrow and your bikes have just lost 24-40% of your bikes power?? I bet you would be looking for ways to get that back...

I would like to ride my bike a little longer to see how the FI situation comes out and would like more power without spending a fortune.....are there any real world reviews, comparisons or numbers out there to tell me what kind of power increases I will get from a new exhaust or cams or big bore kits?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!!


Geez, I had forgot about this thread. I never did get to show shady my modded WR, Sorry....

I bet those numbers on the HP rating will rise with a proper jet set Bill.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

P.S. Santa brought me new boots, WOOHOO!!!

I put the GYT-R muffler and header on and it gave it WAY more bottom and mid. Had to rejet also. Top end feels maybe a little less than before but the bottom and mid pulls so HARD. You have to really be careful in 2nd gear as it will wheelie so easy with any traction at all. I've had all the free mods done of course too.

I have an 06 wr 450 that has two complete setups and I have not really seen a very good answer about the original post here. I have a full supermoto setup with moded supension adn a full enduro setup with moded suspension. I dont know if anyones ever heard of the goldrush at hallett oklahoma every year but its 9.5 miles of trails and 1.5 miles of road race asphalt track. This year, my first year on the wr, On the first lap on the asphalt I got flat out-motored by a kxf 450. I know thats a bad bike but dadgummit I got LEFT. I want to know how much diffrent yz cams will make the wr 450. The bike makes tons of power, and I love riding it, but since i ride enduro and supermoto and road race, I need a little more. And Im poor. Someone help me.

My answer to the original poster is that I agree. I'm not a very good rider but I'm heavy and used to quads with a shit-load of power. The main thing I've noticed about mine is that if you get in a bind, you have to get it revved up some much and it won't hook-up or stands straight up. I've been hung on a few hills when I just went to the bottom and started again when more low power would have gotten me out. Check with some ATV engine builders if you don't like what you get here. I'll probably get a YZ next. I'm not commited enough to pay for a KTM as much as I'd like to have one. A WR compared to a YZ is like comparing a Raptor 700 to a YFZ in the ATV world. You can get the Raptor to out-run a YFZ and its not like its not a blast to ride but its still heavier and will NOT handle as well.

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