Gray Wire - Where and What

Exactly where is the gray wire, and what do I do with it?

I just recently changed to the YZ cam timing - Do I need to also rejet to the YZ specs?

DogBoy, the grey wire is located under the tank on the right side of the frame in a two wire connector. Use a small screwdriver to unhook the wire from the inside of one of the connectors then silicone the empty spot in the connector so water can't get in and fold back the wire onto itself and tape that up. This way you could return the bike back to stock if you wanted. No need to hack up wiring by cutting the wire. Also, you can find pictures of this mod and a wealth of other information regarding the mod if you type in Grey wire in the search section of the site. You may have already tried the search feature but you misspelled "grey" in your topic so you probably got no results. About jetting, just read the thread titled "Jetting Q's." Goodluck, Eric

Has anyone ever put a switch inline with the grey wire before to easily test if i makes much of a difference. Just a thought

A couple of people have used their headlight switch to test it out. The consensus seems to be that it does make a little positive difference on the 426. On the 250s it is night and day difference - no need to switch back and forth.

Come On Guy's....I'm Not trying to be rude but...Look down a couple of posts...there is some imformation there and you can use this pretty neat function called "Search" at the top of the page. There is enough information on the Grey Wire to make your Grey Matter burn with knowledge...

Give it a try....

Bonzai :)

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