TT Decompression Plug Arrived

Well, I'm going to do the right thing and install the decomp plug from TT. My endeavor to make a bracket to hold the stock "thing" in hasn't worked out too well. Oh it's holding the plug in just fine, but the bolt I used is now leaking because it's not in the hole enough to seal.

Anyway, what is the easiest method to remove the factory plug? And once that's out, do I just tap the new into place? Thanks. I tried searching, but it's disabled right now.

Just take a medium sized slot screw driver and a hammer. Punch thru the center of the plug at an angle between the radiator and the header. Pry out the plug. Remove the side locking bolt which will lock in the new plug. Push in the new plug with your fingers and seat it flush with the same hammer and a blunt tip or punch. Loctite the bolt in from the side to retain the new plug. Takes about 10 minutes. I have done many of our fellow TT'ers bikes. :thumbsup:

Thank you sir!

Be careful with that bolt! Mine was apparently over-torqued either at the factory or the dealer, & when I backed it out most of the threads came with it. I should eventually heli-coil it, but at the time I just put some locktite on what was left of the threads, drilled & safety-wired the bolt head & then slathered the whole assembly with RTV just in case. That was over a year ago, & so far, so good...

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