does anyone have scotts damper with stock wr bars? how do you bend the crossbar?

hey dudes/dudetts

i just put this thing on, looks sexy!

i went with the stock bar complete bolt-on kit, everything fits awsome, i just have to bend the crossbar a lil'

i was wondering how a guy would pull this off and still have it looking like something,

thanx in advance

Hey FlameDog,

Got any electrician buddies? Have one of them put it in a 1/2" conduit bender. Most electricians will understand the center point of the bar and place it in the bender in just the right spot. My brother got the same one, however his bar was already bent when he bought the bike. Good luck :thumbsup:

i see! my buddy is an E guy, how handy is that! i'll be settin him up with the HO light for his bike on saturday, tit for tat



buy bars WAY before a dampener................... you need pro tapers!!!!

oops too late,

why new bars 1st? are these stock ones sucky?

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