Grey Wire and Throttle Stop Help (Pics)

Finally got around to checking if the free mods are already done on my recently purchased '01 WR426.

I can't figure out which wire is the "grey wire", can anyone be of any help? (I am partially color blind but even my wife couldn't make out which is the grey wire, should it really be grey in color on the WR426's?)

Front Side


Back Side


I went to cut down the throttle stop and it looks like the previous owner beat me to it. It measures almost exactly 1/2" long, isn't that way too short? I thought that it was supposed to be around .95" long? I have not noticed any problems at all running it so short but I was hoping to get some more power by cutting it down, oh well. My hope is in the grey wire.

Throttle Stop Screw


Hi, Follow this link, it will show you a photo of it.

Hope it helps as I found it to be quite aggresive with the grey wire unplugged. Unplug it, don't cut it as you may want to put it back later.


On my 02 wr426 it is a two pin connector, one black and one gray.

On my 02 wr426 it is a two pin connector, one black and one gray.

This is correct on the 02 models. The grey wire is in the two pin connector that comes off of the CDI. Hope this helps.


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