Fuel Screw Help

This carb is driving me nuts. Where is fuel screw and i have oem one on now can i adjust without taking anything off pictures would be aprecciated. And does owners manual call it fuel; screw or domething else. I couldnt find jack about a fuel scre in manual I downloaded. what tools do i need to adjust it out some

What year is your bike? If it is newer than 02 then I believe you will need to punch out the cover in the float bowl to get to the screw. I would recommend getting an easy adjust screw since you will need to remove the bowl anyway to get the cover punched out. It will be on the bottom of the bowl near the back if I remember right. Hope this helps.


Try this link out.


Only the WR has a plug over the screw.

The manual refers to it as the pilot screw.

Sorry, forgot what forum I was in I guess. Thanks Gray

If you have an 06, you can get to the pilot screw without removing anything. If you take a samll flat head bit, like one out of a 2 in 1 screw driver you'd get from Home Depot, you can get to it without turning the carb. It is on the bottom next to the bowl. The older models carb sits lower and I could never adjust them without loosening and turning the carb.

Turn it 1/4 turn at a time... if you have to turn it out more than 3 full turns, you need a larger pilot jet... which is common with the 06. :thumbsup:

any pics of where this screw is I am a dumbass when it comes to a carb. Learning bear with me, Thanks alot

Here's a pic from an earlier model but the carb / pilot jet placement is the same. On the bottom, left hand side of the carb, you will see a red thingie.... that's an aftermarket zip ty screw. Your pilot screw will not be visible but it will be recessed in the same place.


got it running much better i have one question. how far out can fuel screw be. I know i need to rejet but jets wont be in until next week and I have 2 days of riding ahead. Dont want it to fall out. whats the farthest out turn wise it can be? 06 yz450f

If it's out more than 2.5 turns, it will begin to be ineffective by being backed too far out of the orifice it meters. It's really not effective at all beyond about 3 turns, and, of course, the farther out it is, the more likely it is to fall out.

thanks gray you are the man

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