hey, how long does your air filter last before it hits the dumpster?

i have been usiing moose filters with no-toil oil,

my stock filter has been used a half dozen times and now it is splitting at the gasket surface &%$#@!? shouldn't it last more than that?

my moose filters have been used about the same, i see one of them is starting to split at the filter basket post, it will hit the dumpster pretty quick,

what seems to be the best filter out there?

am i wrong in wanting more life from a filter?

maybe i'm too harsh when cleaning them?

what do you use to clean them?? filter cleaner helps over some more caustic cleaners. My stock yamah one lasted about 10 cleans before it started to chunk a bit, and I chucked it. My first UNI filter has 15 or 20 cleans on it, and my second uni has 3 or 4 cleans on it. but I clean them a lot because I ride in the sand a lot.

I've had great success with UNI. I'll get about 15-25 cleanings out of one. I also had good results with TwinAir filters.

My Twin Air filters last on average a year- about 15 wash/oil cycles. I clean them with kerosene and dawn dish soap and I use 10W-30 oil on the filter.

i am usiing no-toil soap and oil, hot water cleaning,

i think i will switch, thanx

I use UNI filters. I only keep them one year and then throw them away. I use gas to wash and FFT for oil, they still look good after one year, but I still throw them out.

I've read that no-toil cleaner and oil will dissolve the glue on some other filters. I use no-toil cleaner and oil with no-toil and twin air filters. I get about 20+ cleans before they start to chunk.

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