Need Hotcams help!

Please help!

Have a Hotcam exhaust cam that I want to install. Ive read a lot on different threads and havent really found the answers I was looking for, so then I desided to start a new thread!

First, is it worth it? Is the power increase so significant that not installing it would be a shame?

And could I expect my bike to be harder to start and not running as well as with the stock cams?

And last, for you who have installed a hotcam, is there any tricks or things I need to know before i start? How much difference in chims size could i expect? The marks is the same, just allingn the marks as I would do with stock cams, no timing change or anything?

I just installed a set of hotcams in my 426. Haven't done more riding than just a break-in, so can't really comment on the power (most people say you won't seen any change in power with just an exhaust cam)...having the auto-decomp made starting it a breeze...well worth the cost of the cam.

forgot to mention...

As for shims, I went up by about .005 on most of them, as the hotcams call for tighter clearances than stock...but mine need adjusting anyways, so don't let the assumption take the place of your actual measuring...

and installing, just install them as regular, with the punch aligned with the deck of the took me a couple tries to get it right on, so make sure you try one tooth in either direction, because when it's right, it should be noticeable...

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