Readdy for a Pipe! Which One?

I am looking to add a pipe to my 2000 WR400. I want more bottom and midrange for trail ridding and steeps. Should I buy a pipe and a headder? What is a spark arester and can it be added at any time? Do I really need it? This forum is the best so give it to me. Thanks

Personally I like the White Brothers E-Series. I love the grunt and it woke up my mid-range dramatically. I just added the FMF PowerBomb Header this evening...It bolted right up and I will be testing it this weekend. The E-series can be run with the stock header just fine.

PS> The E-series IS Spark Arested and Adjustable.

Bonzai :)

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Ditto on the E-Series. I've got one on my 2000 WR with the stock head pipe and it works great.P.Z.

The E Series is a very good pipe. In the 12 disc configuration, it is very loud. However the removal of some discs will quite the pipe down. This make the "E" versital also.

For more low to mid White Bros has the tapered header designed for the "E".


How concerned with loudness are you?


Bonzai :)

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Hey Kris. Not to worried about noise since I sold the "Fat Boy". Nothing will ever be that loud, "What did you Say"

In that case there's a guy making his own pipes called Thunder Alley, we have a thread going on the YZ400 side of TT on it, you should check it out. I demoed on of his pipes on my bike at the track and was absolutely blown away by the power increase. It was pretty loud but had an AWESOME sound to it. He said he had a spark arrestor for it and is currently seeking forest approval for it. He said the arrestor made a slight decrease in power over the open version but he said I'd still be happy. The best part is the system is only $350, I think it's another $50 for the spark arrestor but that's still cheap. Check out that thread, it's got contact info and stuff in it. I'd call the guy and talk with him and get some input from the guy on that thread that actually owns one. I know I'll be getting on eventually!!

where's the thread??

When the ranger told me I couldn't run a non usfs stamped spark arrestor, I had to put the stock pipe back on.

He also said that they were beginning to do sound checks, and after a recent nor-cal enduro he sais only one pipe was allowed to run and all the other blue bikes were sent home.

FMF "Q" series.

The rangers are gunning for the blue bikes and I would be surprised if they didn't create mandatory sound checks.

Larry Roeseler's Stroker Fourstroke Speed Equipment sells a head pipe that enhances low to mid without taking away top end. They call it a torque headpipe and will work with the stock muffler.


Brought home my Q pipe today. I will say that it LOOKS good. Let you know about the power.

Random sound checks will begin in the State of California....thats the latest. I guess thats the price we pay for living in this, uh, place.

Anyway, I work here can't go anywhere else. I think the level is supposed to drop to about 92-93 db with pipe.

Tom Bye the way got the pipe for 237.00 including tax from cycle gear.

I have a question, is the "Q" quieter than a vortiped stock pipe?

I wanna be a step in the right direction, and be able to ride w/o worries of getting snagged. :)

I think I read someplace that the vortip was 93 db. (Probably DR) So as far as sound goes I believe that they are comparable.


Yeah, that's why I asked about the sound level importance on choosing a system. I ride mostly tracks and open desert so for now I can get by with almost anything. Actually right now I'm stock and probably will be for a while.

Just thought I would suggest the Dubach Pipe By Dr. D himself. Dr. Dubach was instrumental in developing the Yamaha 4 stroke and all that translates into a very well developed exhaust. I previously had and FMF IV pipe and it was nice, but hit a little too hard. I have purchased the Dubach pipe and couldn't be any happier. Delivers very smooth applicable power and yet hits when you want it too. It is USFS SA approved, quieter than my FMF and is all Stainles steel. Quality craftsmanship and design. I would at least consider this pipe. Plus the Dubachs are a pleasure to do business with. Oh yea they give ThumperTalkers a 10% discount so don't forget to mention that when ordering.

Just tried out my E-series/Powerbomb header combo yesterday....Damn thing generates so much torque it got away from me twice and gave me a taste of trail rash and a couple of broken buckles on my Thor boot...(I wanted to justify new boots to my wife....Now I don't have too). The torque boost I got from the E-Series was pretty good...But combining the Powerbomb made it phenominal. It took me about an hour to adjust my riding profile to match the gain...WOW is all I can say....

The only down site is that FMF advertises that the FMF Powerbomb actually reduces the noise level. NOT....Several folks around me (especially the guy behind me) complained that the noise was massive...That's ok with me though....I was going for THUNDER when I started, the Rangers in my local area are more interested in Spark Arrestors anyway.....atleast for now....

Bonzai :)

Yamakaze....sounds like you need to get with the program and start pumping some iron. Its an inanimate object....whats the matter with you :)

I guess I'll see how much I laugh when my new Powerbomb Header and Stroker Silencer launches me backwards in about 1 weeks time!! (Thanks Taffy). Does it really make that much difference ???

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i have a stock yzf exhaust on my wr(bought it that way) is the "Q" by fmf or that other brand much quieter? what about compared to a fully plugged wr pipe (should it ever come down to it :) )

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