Readdy for a Pipe! Which One?


The header did make a big difference in the Low end grunt factor. My problem was that I did not anticipate the amount of added launch that I picked up.

I rode it up and down the parking lot a few times and noticed that it didn't take much throttle to snap wheelies as it did before the change. My mishap occured about 1600 meters into the winding mountain trail. It was a little slippery on the wet clay from the night before but my 756's were doing a decent job of keeping their grip. I started out by cracking the throttle a little harder in each corner until I was spraying a decent amount of roost and my riding partner (Robert) had to back off from being pelted by rocks.

I got too cocky for my own good when I hit a sweet banked turn from left to right, man I was hooked up coming out of the turn, but this time I hammered the throttle out of the what a mistake...It felt like someone lit the afterburner....The front end came up about a foot off the ground and the accelleration was way more than I expected. With the front wheel off the ground I had no directional control and at about 70km or so the back wheel hit a greasy spot in the trail dropped to its right side....(First Crash ever on the right side)...I slid for atleast 50 meters..Scraped up my right shoulder and a spot on my forearm, (Looks worse that it feels) Glad I was wearing my AfterShock Body Armor...I smacked my head on the ground so hard it rung my bell for ten minutes afterwards. Robert was freaking out when he came around the corner and saw ol blue tryin to mount me for a quickie.....I remember laying on the ground thinking....Man that was awsome!...Robert thought I was dead....I was just making sure I hadn't broken anything, and that I still knew my own name. Once up I first inspected Ol'Blue for battle damage....just a couple of scrapes across the number plate....My body did a great job of protecting my investment.....While doing a battle damage check on myself I noticed that two of the buckles on my boot were destroyed, my new Core3 Jersey and Pants took a lickin and kept on tickin...not a scratch...My helmet was scratched on the right side...but not broken....What really pissed me off was because of the 45 degree temp I had worn my "best" extreme T-Shirt "Twist and Shout" under my jersey. The damn thing has now got a hole in the shoulder the size of a half dollar...that sucks.

Man let me tell you I was Rippen it up, the entire day. We ran into a group of B and C class Scrambles riders on DRZ's and 426's.....Ol' Blue kicked some serious A$$ on the dirt roads and the fire break trails.

Yesterday was fantastic, and today I am paying for it....damn near every muscle in my body is screaming "You Idiot" But I'll do it again the first chance I get.

Do I think that the header made a difference....Absolutely! I hope your exhaust header combination give you as much satisfaction as mine has....without the pain....Of Course.

Good Roosting!

Bonzai :)

pro circuit t-4. LOUD. very powerful in the upper rpm's. sounds like a mini dragster :) . good for motocross or haulin balls in the woods. not good for old people who ride slow and can't hear anyway.


I have the Thumper Racing Quiet Core insert on my '99 WR - stock exhaust. I measured 95 dBA when checked at Penny Pines over the summer.


Yamakaze....nice war story !! Glad to hear you made it safe...isnt body armour amazing. I have been saved a number of times from bad scrapes. You just pick yourself up so many more times than you should !! I'll just be a tad careful when I hop on board with the new goods. Thanks for the heads up.

Hey Bonez34. " not good for old people who ride slow and can't hear anyway."

Were you behind me last Sunday? First of all 53 aint that old when you are on your 2nd childhood.

I an trying to ride faster in the woods.

I hear just fine when there is no other noise. "What did you say?"

The noise level of my stock pipe with the core removed sounds pretty good. Does anyone have an idea around what db that is?

Levy1.....My Stocker tested at 94db unplugged with the stock header.

Bonzai :)

Bonzai, hope the soreness is receeding. Houston Valley is real slick after rain falls there. Did you slide on the redclay ? Good luck getting that out of your trousers..........the banked corners are cool up there. Maybe your have too much pipe on that beast!

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