Mexico Gas

going to baja tonight for a two day ride. i heard that they only have 90 i need to get some octane boost to add or is 90+ ok for the wr450 thanks

Gas in Mexico is hit and miss. I'd bring a few bottles just in case, but don't add it unless you get some detonation (pinging). I've found that most of the PeMex stations are pretty reliable. It's the Mom & Pop "Mini-Supers" that are suspect...SC


I ride my motorcycle and drive my truck (Ford V10) in Mexico regularly and their gas works well in both. I also get significantly better mileage when I use their gas. Their gas is not oxygenated, like California gas. More hydrocarbons, less air= more BTU's. Magnasin worked fine in my 2003 WR450F for thousands of miles. Premium is better, however. Here is a link for everything that you want to know about buying gas in Mexico

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